“Colton or Con?”

Streaming Service: Netflix

Availability: Started Dec 3 2021

Producers: Executive Producers: Jeff Jenkins, Reinout Oerlemans, Ross Weintraub, Omid Kahangi, Colton Underwood.

Colton Underwood’s revelation of his homosexuality was mired in the problematic circumstances. Prior to his public admission on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts, he was…

Sunday, November 28, 2021

By Kurt von Behrmann

Kyle Rittenhouse is at the center of a deep divide in American. His journey to protect property and life culminated in the death of two men and the seriously wounding of another. His choices and actions are intertwined with agendas and ideologies…

Big Brother 22, Mocking the Handicapped and More Racism

If you are not familiar, Big Brother is C.B.S.’ long running reality t.v. show. Contestants, called House guests compete for prizes, and the right to remain in a television set that resembles one large home. Each week, there are selection ceremonies…

A cautionary tale about women in the political world

Hillary Clinton has been, and continues to be, one of the most polarizing political figures in American politics. Only President Donald Trump comes close to eliciting the same divisiveness, although for vastly different reasons.

Clinton is ostensible the subject of this…


February is Black History Month. It is a time to examine the artistic, intellectual and cultural contributions of African-Americans. This month I wanted to examine an issue that for me is one that strikes at the heart of Black Identity and Black Pride itself.

I recall my Grandfather, who…

Kurt von Behrmann

Artist and Writer in Phoenix, AZ

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